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Enjoy one of the best buggy tour in Punta Cana, when you leave the hotel in one of the company trucks with a preview, you enjoy the rural area of ​​our environment. As soon as you put your foot on the accelerator, the emotion goes off. And that’s just the beginning! Driving on muddy roads, overcoming mud pits or going through a coffee plantation at full speed are just some of the unforgettable experiences you’ll experience aboard a buggy in Punta Cana. These buggy Polaris can with everything! Put them to the test and feel the adrenaline as you cross narrow wooden bridges or cross the riverbed. A buggy tour of Punta Cana and Bávaro is a unique experience that will always accompany you and that will be very difficult for you to forget.
The routes and buggy ride are a mixture of nature and adventure in which the most intrepid drivers can enjoy idyllic landscapes and overcome challenges putting their driving skills to the test. In La Hacienda we do not forget the security and our Polaris buggies are equipped with a safety belt, and all kinds of reinforcements in their mechanics. The excursions in buggies in Punta Cana are an alternative way to discover the most spectacular landscapes of the Bávaro area and one of the best beaches that is the beach the macao.

Do not forget to bring comfortable clothes, sunscreen, swimsuit and towel because after so much emotion it’s time to relax a bit. At La Hacienda, your excursion in buggies through Punta Cana ends at the natural pools of the river, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim thanks to the purity of its waters.

Days when the tour takes place.
Monday to Sunday

  • Duration:2470 days
  • DATES : Dec 08 - Sep 12
  • PRICE :




  • Transporte de ida y vuelta
  • Guía profesional
  • Buggy automático
  • Refrescos
  • Ropa vieja
  • Traje de baño
  • Chanclas o zapatos de agua
  • Gafas de sol o gafas
  • Bandana o toalla pequeña para cubrir tu cara
  • Toalla
  • Cámara
  • Protector solar
  • Dinero en efectivo
  • No Mujeres embarazadas
  • No menores de edad.


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