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Protocols Covid19

Our Protocols for Covid 19 protection.

Our Protocols for Covid 19 protection.

Dominican Transfer Diamond, is a company dedicated to tourist transfers and excursion activities in the Dominican territory, thanks to our dedication and prestigious service, we have become a leading company, for us our priority is our customers. Thanks to them we have become what we are today.

In the midst of the current worldwide pandemic situation, we remain committed to the safety of our client, for this reason we have implemented our safety and prevention protocol against CV-19.

We have highly trained and prepared personnel to implement this protocol, starting with us, all our personnel are analyzed before the beginning of their working day. Then the protocol is implemented with which passengers as follows: Passengers must wear a mask, if they do not have it on our bus, they will be available free of charge, as well as gel disinfectant when they enter the vehicle.

Once inside, a seat must be left in the middle of each passenger, vehicles only transport. In 50% of regular passengers, our vehicles are disinfected after each service. By a disinfectant sprayer that immunizes the transfer of the Covid-19.


We are committed to you and look forward to continuing to offer our beloved customers …
“An experience that goes beyond driving.

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